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1. Standing Deep Breathing

Standing Deep Breathing helps prevent respiratory problems such as bronchitis, emphysema and shortness of breath.

Benefits: mental relaxation, blood pressure, nervous system, irritability, disturbed sleep, detoxification, increases circulation

Systems worked: nervous, respiratory, circulatory


1. Standing Deep Breathing

2. Half Moon

3. Awkward

4. Eagle

5. Standing Head To Knee

6. Standing Bow

7. Balancing Stick

8. Standing Separate Leg Stretching

9. Triangle

10. Standing Separate Leg Head To Knee

11. Tree

12. Toe Stand

13. Dead Body

14. Wind-Removing

15. Hands to Feet

16. Cobra

17. Locust

18. Full Locust

19. Bow

20. Fixed Firm

21. Half Tortoise

22. Camel

23. Rabbit

24. Head To Knee With Stretching

25. Spine-Twisting

26. Blowing In Firm

The postures don’t change — we change.

Bikram’s 26-posture sequence revitalizes your whole body in 90 minutes.

Along with two breathing exercises, each classical Hatha yoga posture has a specific anatomical, neurological, physiological and psychological effect on the human body. 


The postures flush the cardiovascular system and stimulate the endocrine and nervous systems. As your body adjusts and self-regulates, enzymatic and hormonal balance is achieved naturally.


Bikram yoga increases flexibility and helps prevent joint deterioration. The heat, the stretching, and the relaxation release chronic tension from your tissues.


The intelligence of any posture sequence determines the overall benefit of the practice, and this is one smart way to burn 90 minutes.


The Yoga

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